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A hormone produced organically in our bodies, Melatonin is one of the most popular natural sleep aids currently in use. No legitimate natural sleep aid would be complete without it.

As the name suggests, this is the root of a plant that has been used to treat sleeplessness since the earliest days of medicine. It is another popular sleep aid currently in wide circulation.

If you ever feel sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner, L-tryptophan is likely the reason. Turkey contains relatively large quantities of this essential amino acid, which can trigger your body to feel sleepy.

This essential vitamin has recently become known for its ability to help regulate sleep and prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night.

This mineral has been shown to improve the quality of sleep, so that you spend more time each night in the most rejuvenating stages of deep sleep, instead of a state of restless unconsciousness.

Another mineral with sleep benefits, Zinc also helps you enter the deep phases of sleep quickly and remain there longer.

Chamomile’s relaxation properties have been used to treat sleeplessness for millennia. Everything from teas, to oils, to candles promote the relaxation benefits of chamomile.

Similar to chamomile, hops powder is another herb known to aid in relaxation that has been used for generations.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let a poor night’s sleep keep you from getting the most out of your day! Whether you are struggling to keep up in today’s fast-paced office environment or come home in a daze that prevents you from enjoying time with your family and friends, now you can get the restful sleep you need with Getting Sleepy!